About Our Organisation

Nūhaka River Road Opening Ceremony 2021

Rakaipaakatanga | This is who we are
Whakapumautia | This is holding on to who we are as Rakaipaaka
Whakawhanuitia | This is encompassing / embracing everyone
Whakapuawaitia | This is us, Ngāti Rakaipaaka flourishing

The Organisation Pou is led by Pauline Symes (Chairperson)

Operational Plan

We engaged subject matter experts to provide us with a robust process to collate all the data whānau gave us through 18 hui a iwi, 14 in the Kainga and 4 a Motu, email and social media mechanisms to come up with the Annual and Operational Plan for the next five years.

The Plan includes Five Pou (pillars) that also have an implementation of the project’s process.

Read more about the detail on how each of these pou will be implemented, and the potential for whānau to be employed to undertake specific projects.

Our Kaupapa
2019-2020 | 2020-2021

These are the focus for our Strategy, from the wananga we need to rationalise our resources and time on the kaupapa that have the widest impact on our whānau and taiao and what we have done in 2019-2020 and what we will do in 2020-2021.

Manaaki Whanau

Ngāti Rakaipaaka is made up of a connected network of healthy strong and nurturing whānau

Ngati Rakaipaakatanga

Ngāti Rakaipaaka whānau are reo experts, living their tikanga and are serving their Marae to keep our identity strong

Whai Rawa

Ngāti Rakaipaaka whānau are provided with opportunities to achieve whānau financial security and freedom that enable their well being


Our Taiao is thriving, we are practising our mātauranga Maori in our wai, on our whenua and as Kaitiaki of our whenua. We are protecting and enhancing the mauri of our taiao


We have the people, the capability and the organisational structures to enable our whānau aspirations

From these Kaupapa Whānau told us they want to be;

Manaaki Whānau

Owning their own homes; Increasing their household incomes; Better access to services; Be healthy;

Ngāti Rakaipaakatanga

Marae Whakairo restoration, Kaitiakitanga, Maintenance/Renovations, Secure as Trustee/Governance, Business ventures, provide forums for whakapapa, tikanga, kawa and historical korero initiatives; establish a Kaumatua Council

Whai Rawa

Creating a business model/business operations to create funds/wealth for use in the Pou and/or distributions to whānau; and creating opportunities for whānau to upskill themselves to enable them to create their own businesses.


Support initiatives for Te Taiao, e.g. pest management, riparian planting, fencing, cleaning up our awa and tributary waterways and monitoring those and offered to Schools and other Educational Institutes throughout the Motu; Establishing a native plant nursery to provide for riparian planting and reintroduction of native plants in and around our village environments; Establishing village walkways, history of our Rohe kainga, cultural experiences tailored to both overseas and New Zealand tourist and Schools and there Educational Institutes throughout the Motu.

Our Organisation

Connecting whānau to services that meet their needs; Secure Trustee/Governance models, Staff/Operational models.

This is what we have been doing to make this happen 2019- 2020
Funding secured; 580 whānau inside and outside our hapoori were supported and overcame challenges during COVID-19 lockdown; we held a very successful Rakaipaaka Day where over 350 whānau attended; We have a resource to connect with whānau who will have the ability to tell us what health and wellbeing services they need and how they want that to happen for them; We have a resource to assist us to implement our Strategic Direction and have contributed toward a Wairoa Wide Housing Strategy and whānau will be provided the tools to be in a position to own their own homes; We contributed to the building of the Wairoa Localised Commissioned Business Case; We led from a whānau voice perspective the set up of a service to assist the community build resilience against methamphetamine; our Marae are our beneficiaries too and we have shared information and will continue to assist to help with their plans when and where we can, River Road river realignment is complete; New owners continue to support whānau access to our Maunga; we keep an eye on our Treaty Settlement Kahui Beneficiary Unit's (KBU) and its growth. We continue to look for a sustainable plan for our Deferred Selection Process (DSP) Properties. We are influencing a new look over the Morere Hot Pools asset.; we commenced discussions with the Department of Conservation (DoC), Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) and the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) to create employment for whānau within and around our Taiao.
This is what we are planning 2020 - 2021
We are working on Level 2 Social Service Accreditation and will be engaging with whānau to identify their needs and how their needs will be met; a survey will be circulated and we will come and see you at your home, we will be asking whānau if they want to be involved in implementing the 5 Pou; we will report back on the Wairoa Housing Strategy progress; a business plan will tell us how to plan and implement sustainable projects; we are going to utilize our taiao to create employment and business security for the future; we plan to provide updates quarterly when possible and give updates by email out to our registered beneficiaries, on our website and Facebook page.

Tatau Tatau o Te Wairoa Allocation Uplift

As a unit holder in the Tātau Tātau o Te Wairoa PSGE Unit Trust has allowed us to receive some support from the Settlement accumulated interest. The accumulated interest of $1 million was negotiated by our former representative to assist member Kahui to operationalise their entities and is paid out to each of the seven kahui over a three-year duration at equal payments of $352,333.28.

The first amount of $352,333.28 was uplifted in February 2019, second in December 2019 with the last uplift in December 2020.