Hīkoi ki Moumoukai

We want to ensure that our whānau o Ngāti Rakaipaaka are continuously able to access our maunga Moumoukai. Our maunga is currently under new ownership and we the Iwi have a very secure relationship and we want to ensure this relationship continues into the future. Together we have agreed to some rules and regulations that are focused on health and safety.

As per usually, we continue to keep committed to the processes agreed between the Iwi and the property owners to ensure our whānau are fully aware of potential concerns while ascending and descending our maunga tapu Moumoukai.

These are the rules and regulations that will be agreed to before the Moumoukai event begins:

  1. Provide us with the whānau name;
  2. Date and time the event is expected to occur;
  3. Provide us with the name/s and contacts of the appointed responsible person who will be in charge of this excursion;
  4. The excursion will not go ahead if any of the information is not provided;
  5. Permission to this excursion has been granted;
  6. Informing the following before the excursion begins;
    • there are no health or disability issues that may hinder participation in the event with any of the whānau members;
    • is willing to comply to the direction of the whānau member in charge;
    • ensure the names and contacts of all whānau participants are recorded on the attendance sheet provided;
  • there are always come covid restrictions that are likely to impose health issues during an event like this and it is recommended that if whānau test positive they are encouraged not to participate;
  • ensure an induction process at the beginning of the event to inform health and safety rules;
  • it is recommended that the responsible person or someone in the group is first aid certificated and constantly monitoring the event;
  • ensure no rubbish is left in and around the areas of the maunga;
  • we recommend that a karakia is undertaken at the beginning and end of the event;
  • Te Iwi o Rakaipaaka has provided a brief history of the maunga, for convenience to those involved in the hīkoi for the purpose of keeping connected and retaining this history for future reference and as an identity to their Iwi Ngāti Rakaipaaka.

Please also note:

We recommend that no hīkoi up the maunga should take placeat all if the weather conditions and forecast is likely to turn rough, rainy, if the mist is covering the maunga this is a warning telling us to stay away.

Ngāti Rakaipaaka appreciate the opportunities we still have through our relationships formed with the current owners that enables us to continue having access to our maunga. Please help us to retain and maintain this relationship so we can continue to have access to our maunga.

Take care whānau, enjoy your maunga and the rest of your kainga tuturu.

Please let us know if you have any queries.

Office: 06) 837 8885
Email: info@ngatirakaipaaka.iwi.nz