Annual "Manaaki Whanau" Plan

This is what our whānau told us they want;

The Manaaki Whanau Pou is led by Trustee Pauline Symes (Chairperson).

What we did in 2019 - 2020

COVID-19 Care & Welfare Packs

During COVID-19 Lockdown, Rakaipaaka were able to receive and distribute welfare packs and resources with the help of Wairoa Tihei Mauri Ora Hub, who managed to get all the resources for our whole Wairoa rohe.

Special Thanks to;

Progess so far
Completed 100%

Projects In Progress

Wairoa Localised Commissioning Agency

As a result of months of planning together with Non- Government Organisation’s (NGO), Government Agencies, Local Health Providers, Whānau, Iwi, Hapu, Marae, throughout the Wairoa district, we are ready to implement the Business Case that tells us to:

Progress so far
Completed 25%

Community Connect - Ministry of Social Development (MSD)

This project is the pipeline from whānau to Government Agencies. Te Iwi o Rakaipaaka plan to connect with whānau to capture your stories about current services you are engaging with and if these services are meeting your needs, and if they are not how can we work together to change that.

For example: 

Progess so far
Completed 50%

Next Step...

Continue to engage with funders; forming relationships; establishing processes to engage whānau to be involved to assist in implementing the Rakaipaaka “Manaaki Whānau” kaupapa.