Annual 'Ngati Rakaipaakatanga' Plan

This is what our whānau told us they want;

The Ngāti Rakaipaakatanga Pou is led by Trustee Cherry Mihikiteao Maui.

What we did in 2019-2020

We built relationships, connected with key stakeholders to maintain our tikanga during the COVID-19 lockdown when we lost our Rangatira Matenga Hapi and we continued to ensure our tikanga and cultural traditions were not compromised.

We did this by appropriately acknowledging the passing of our Rangatira from the 10th -11th July 2020. 

Matenga Hapi was the first in New Zealand to pass during the COVID-19 lockdown and our actions influenced guidance for future tangihanga.

Projects In Progress

Rakaipaaka Day 2020

Te Puni Kokiri supported this year’s Ngati Rakaipaaka Day with sponsorship funding and the day was successfully held on the 7 th November 2020 at Kahungunu Community Marae in Nuhaka. Over 350 whanau enjoyed the festivities of the day that also included the return of Papa Trevor Fregusons Kawe Mate.

Rakaipaaka Day 2020
Completed 100%

Kaumatua Council

Our Pou lead is working on processes to establish a Kaumatua Council.

Kaumatua Council
Completed 25%

Sharing Information with Marae

Marae funding when available, wananga, and we will continue to support our marae when and where we can.

Marae Support
Completed 25%