Annual 'Taiao' Plan

This is what our whānau told us they want;

The Taiao Pou is led by Trustee Graeme Symes.

Reviewing Nga Hua o Te Taiao
Te Iwi o Rakaipaaka Resource Management Plan 2000

This was developed in 2000 and was prompted due to a resource consent application to take water from our underground aquifer that supplied water to our Marae and whānau who live in and around our village environment.

This consent had no regard to us as tangata whenua or our Marae and whānau. The plan is accessible at the link below.

Email us with your thoughts at and we will collate and present the plan back to you all before a final is confirmed. We look forward to your feedback.


Nga Hua o Te Taiao (Resource Management Plan RMP) is about acquiring, allocating and managing the natural resources in and around our environment.

Our RMP Is Important To Us

We have the ability to inform how we exercise our mandate to pro-actively utilise our Kaitiakitanga role over the usage of our resources.

Why Do We Need a RMP?

1. Alerts that Rakaipaaka are the tangata whenua of our rohe kainga and our values and interests are important to us
2. Informs about our development of more specific plan provisions to better provide for our relationships as tangata whenua who have significant sites, areas and resources
3. Forms the basis for improved relationships between us and local authorities
4. We are recognised as the tangata kaitiaki of our rohe kainga

Do we still need it and why?

What we did in 2019-2020

Te Kaitiaki o Te Taiao Ngāti Rakaipaaka

In 2020 we adopted a new logo with the kaupapa of representing our Taiao and Sites of Significance. Our Taiao logo – Te Kaitiaki o Te Taiao was created by Te Mauri Maniapoto.

Keep an eye out because you might start seeing this kaitiaki around our hapoori.

Projects In Progress

Nūhaka River Road Opening Ceremony

In May 2020 the Government announced that three vital Wairoa roading and construction projects were awarded funding under the Government COVID-19 ‘shovel ready’ recovery programme received 100% Central Government funding. The Nūhaka River Road, River Re-alignment project at Nūhaka, including the commissioning of a Cultural Impact Assessment (CIA) Report.

Nūhaka River Road Opening
Completed 100%

Mōrere Springs Upgrade / Reshape

The Department of Conservation (DOC) has requested the development of a Cultural Values Assessment (CVA) to guide the preparation for the project plan to upgrade the Mōrere Springs Facility. As a result of a hui between Ngāti Rakaipaaka and the Department of Conversation (DOC) where it sought input from its Te Tiriti partners, Ngāti Rakaipaaka, in the planning phase of a refresh of the Mōrere Springs it was identified that Poipoia Ltd would facilitate the development of the CVA.


This CVA;

  • Identifies the key cultural values that Ngāti Rakaipaaka and other overlapping interest have over the taonga site;
  • Articulates how Ngāti Rakaipaaka and other overlapping interest want to see the design of Mōrere Springs to occur to ensure that their role as mana whenua is accurately and appropriately represented;
  • Identifies their cultural and environmental perspectives on the proposed plan; and
  • Identifies the process for further engagement on the development of the plan including their future participation and joint decision making on any construction and funding phases that may occur.
Hui have became and a Morere Reshape Committee has been successfully formed to help move this kaupapa forward.
Completed 15%

Keeping our Tamariki safe in our Village

Fencing Unsafe Area
Completed 100%

Moumoukai New Owners

In February this year the Iwi Trustees met with new owners, Middle Mount who are from Switzerland. We agreed that Te Iwi o Rakaipaaka will continue to be the communications for hikoi up our Maunga. Our contacts are available at this website.

Ensuring our early century ko Iwi are treated respectfully.

This is the Takitimu Waka mooring at Te Ngutu Awa o Nuhaka and to the right is the ancient urupa that we are trying to protect - Department of Conservation (DoC) might have some suggestion about suitable riparian planting. NOTE: the Totora stumps (this is a unique photo, because they only show themselves to certain individuals)